What is an Encounter
If you wish to know, you’ve got to live it! But while you get to one of our Encounters, we will try to answer some of the most common questions we get. We believe that the first step towards living a successful life in each area of your life, fulfilling your purpose here on Earth and where you can experience the abundant blessings that God has prepared for you, is that you find freedom and healing from your past. Jesus said:
“The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” (John 10:10 NLT)
A retreat ENCOUNTER WITH GOD, is a time with God of two days where you will find healing and freedom from the habits that destroy, spiritual bindings, wounds, resentments and mistakes from the past. At the encounter, God will make you free through the power of the cross, His Word and His Holy Spirit.
Who will be there
At your encounter, you will be surrounded by people that, like you, are looking for a better life by the hand of God. During the retreat you will be completely disconnected from your daily life and routine in order for you to focus solely on what God has prepared for you.
Our encounters are held separately men from women, by age and also by the amount of years you’ve been married. We do this in order to better satisfy the needs you have according to the stage of life you are currently living. The capacity of each retreat is approximately from 30 to 45 people.
Where do they take place
Our encounters take place in the facilities of our church.  Depending on the season or if the retreat is of adults, youth, or professionals, we may hold a retreat in other locations including Homestead, Weston and Lake Placid.
How do I prepare
1. Have an open attitude to receive.
2. Pray. Simply speak with God. He listens to you!
3. Review the encounter calendar and register by filling out the form below.
4. A leader from the Encounter team will be calling you.  If you do not receive this phone call, please call the offices of our church to make sure that all went will with your registration process.
5. At your Pre-Encounter you will receive a list of things you should include in your luggage.
6. The place of departure and arrival is our church. The hour of departure is established by each retreat group and the hour of arrival is during our third service on Sunday that begins at 6:00pm.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
The Pre-Encounter
As part of your retreat, you may attend a very important meeting we call Pre-Encounter.  During this meeting you will receive the tools you’ll need in order to prepare for an unforgettable weekend! It’s essential that you bring to this meeting a person that is close to you. For example, your spouse or parents.
What is the price of the Encounter
The price of the encounter is $150 per person.  This amount covers transportation, lodging and catering.
Some norms that apply:
A) You may reserve your seat with $50 of  which $20 are not refundable and/or transferable.
B) If you cancel your participation to the encounter 15 days prior to the departure date of the encounter, you
will receive what you have payed minus the $20 that are not refundable and/or transferable.
C) Because of the costs that are required to reserve your seat, if you cancel your participation to the encounter
less than 15 days prior to the departure date of the encounter, $100 will not be refunded.
D) Payments made during this cycle of encounters are not transferable to other cycles.

Encounter Adult/Young Men

3 & 4 of May (Young Men)
24 & 25 of May (Adult Men)
31 of May & 1 of June (Adult Men)

Encounter Adult/Young Women

26 & 27 of April (Adult/Young Women)
3 & 4 of May (Adult Women)
17 & 18 of May (Adult Women)

Encounter for Middle School

23 & 24 of May (Boys)
16 & 17 of May (Girls)

Encounter for the English Speakers (Mixed)

31 of May & 1 of June

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Encounters Dates




  Number of payments 3



No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $50.00 USD
2 after 1 week $50.00 USD
3 after 2 weeks $50.00 USD
Total $150.00 USD
  Number of payments 3



No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $35.00 USD
2 after 1 week $20.00 USD
3 after 2 weeks $20.00 USD
Total $75.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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